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Dr Jorg Valentin, B.A. (Hons), M.E.S.


No Man Is An Island

Which probably explains why organisations increasingly develop a strategic interest in taking the interests of their multiple stakeholders into account in operational decision-making. But which are the stakeholders in the environment of an organisation? And how is the organisation to interact with its external stakeholders to ensure its survival?

I have been studying these and related questions in theory and practice for most of my life, focusing on the international activities of public and private sector organisations with an operational representation in English, French, or German speaking national cultures.

In the course, I have developed an eye and a hand in, what I would term, 'Stakeholder Co-Operation Analysis', enabling me to identify, analyse, and evaluate areas of interest common to such organisations and their external stakeholders.

The main purpose of International Stakeholder Co-Operation Analysis, as I understand it, is to create the organisational capacity to develop and sustain a mutual understanding between the organisation in question and its external stakeholders in an international environment, ultimately with a view to developing a common cause of mutual benefit.

The inter-disciplinary and inter-professional backbone of my actual output and potential input in the theory and practice of International Stakeholder Co-Operation Analysis is the multi-functional combination of academic and professional qualifications and experience that I have been able to acquire since early childhood mainly in English, French, and German speaking national and organisational cultures in the following specialist areas:



Applied Research




Freelance Consulting




Freelance Teaching




Freelance Publishing




Freelance Translation




Freelance Interpretation








Applied Research




Sustainable Development

Work area

Analysing the structure, operation, and communication of social en­vi­ron­ments to gain insight into the different ways decisions are made, power is exercised, and natural and technological change is addressed

Work focus

Gathering, analysing, and interpreting data in order to increase the understanding of human social behaviour, and planning and con­ducting research to develop and test theories about societal issues
  Organising, authenticating, evaluating, and interpreting historical, political, sociological, anthropological, and linguistic data about the attitudes, values, and behaviors of people in groups, using ob­ser­va­tion, interviews, and review of documents
  Observing group interactions and role affiliations to collect data, identify problems, evaluate progress, and determine the need for change
  Developing problem intervention procedures, utilizing techniques such as interviews, consultations, role playing, and participant ob­ser­va­tion of group interactions

Preparing publications and reports containing research findings

Work speciality

Policy Analysis:

    Analysing the nature, causes, and effects of institutional policies with a view to identifying the policies that will realise given goals
    Examining conflicts and conflict settlement arising from policy-making and management in civil society, the public sector, and the private sector
    Studying the creation and application of policy from an in­stitu­tion­al, incremental, process, rational, group, or elite perspective

Assessing policy-making and management in terms of the specific problem, process, or context involved


Program Evaluation:

    Using quantitative and qualitative research methods to gather, analyse, and utilise data about the processes and outcomes of public and private sector projects and programmes
    Identifying the socio-political contexts and factors influencing a given project or programme
    Analysing projects or programmes from a positivist, interpretive, or critical-emancipatory stance
    Assessing projects or programmes in terms of the needs addressed, outcomes achieved, implementation administered, impact realised, and efficiency maintained.

Freelance Consulting




Stakeholder Management

Work area

Collecting, reviewing, and analysing information on organisational struc­tures, methods, systems, and procedures in order to make rec­om­men­da­tions about ways to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and prof­it­a­bility of information flow in organisational communication and change

Work focus

Gathering and organising information about existing and proposed methods and procedures
  Analysing data gathered to identify problem areas
  Developing solutions or alternative methods of proceeding
  Preparing recommendations, taking into account the nature of the organisation, its internal structure and culture, and its relationship with stakeholders (employees and community)
  Reporting findings and recommendations

Conferring with and instructing personnel concerned to ensure successful functioning of newly implemented systems or procedures

Work speciality

Policy and Planning:

    Planning, organising, directing, controlling, and coordinating policy advice and strategic planning within an organisation
    Analysing information relevant to the organization's activities, and developing policies and providing advice to support its performance
    Examining proposed legislation, regulations, or rule changes to determine how organisational services could be impacted
    Researching and analysing staff, volunteer, and community needs to determine organisational directions and goals
    Directing fundraising activities and the preparation of public relations materials
    Communicating with community groups to explain and interpret organisational purposes, programs, and policies
    Representing an organisation in relations with media institutions

Implementing and evaluating management and staff training


Training and Development:

    Assessing training needs through surveys, interviews with employees, focus groups, or consultation with managers, instructors or customer representatives
    Setting learning objectives and evaluating learning outcomes in the development of executive potential
    Preparing and developing instructional training material and aids, such as handbooks, visual aids, online tutorials, demonstration models, and supporting training reference documentation
    Designing, coordinating, scheduling, and conducting training and development in the form of individual and group instruction, and facilitating workshops, meetings, demonstrations and conferences
    Monitoring and performing continuous evaluation and assessment of training quality and effectiveness, and reviewing and modifying training objectives, methods and course deliverables.

Freelance Teaching




Imparting Knowledge and Skills

Work area

Theory instruction and practical training

Work focus

English, language and literature
  French, language and literature
  German, language and literature
  Russian, language and literature
  Politics, theory, art, and practice
  Economics, theory, art, and practice

Management, theory, art, and practice

Work speciality

University Teaching:
    Preparing and conducting tutorials, seminars, and practical classes for tertiary students in one or more subjects within a prescribed course of study
    Keeping abreast of developments in a given field of knowledge by reading current literature, talking with colleagues, and participating in professional conferences
    Preparing and assessing student essays, assignments, and examinations, and grading student performance
    Discussing with students their progress and/or aspirations

Participating in student recruitment activities


Vocational Training:

    Teaching further education students one or more subjects within a prescribed course of study using teaching aids, including presentation of lesson materials, discussions, workshops, laboratory sessions, multimedia aids, and computer tutorials
    Identifying the needs of students and creating effective learning options to meet these needs
    Liaising with individuals, industry, and education sectors to ensure provision of relevant programmes and services
    Planning, designing, and developing course curricula and methods of instruction
    Marking and grading students' assignments, papers, and exams and providing feedback to students about their progress
    Maintaining records of students' progress, attendance and training activities
    Collaborating with colleagues to address teaching and research issues

Participating in student recruitment, registration, and placement activities


Self-Enrichment Teaching:

    Providing instruction in a wide variety of subjects that students take for fun or self-improvement
    Conducting one-on-one and group courses intended for recreation or on academic subjects in a non-academic setting

Delivering classes that are relatively informal and largely hands-on, with lectures, group discussions, or demonstrations of methods or techniques for the class, observation of students as they attempt to do it themselves, pointing out mistakes to students, and the offering of suggestions to improve student techniques


Management Training:

    Conducting training and development for employees in the classroom or on-site, involving the class to ensure that the course meets its objectives and is measured and evaluated to understand how learning impacts business results
    Planning, organising, and directing training activities in response to corporate and worker service requests, setting up individualised training plans to strengthen or improve the professional or inter-personal skills of employees
    Evaluating training effectiveness to ensure that the training employees receive meets the organisation's strategic business goals and achieves desired results.

Freelance Publishing




Production of Information in a Paper and Electronic Format

Work area

Producing newsletters, magazines, journals, books, and websites

Work focus

Selecting material for publication
  Editing manuscripts
  Organising the design of the finished work
  Working with sales and marketing departments
  Promoting the release of new publications
  Preparing media events for publications
  Maintaining close contact with people in the printing trades

Keeping in touch with book and magazine wholesalers and retailers

Work speciality


    Using electronic communication equipment to plan and organise material and write fiction or non-fiction work, choosing themes or subjects, conducting research into the subject, assembling background material, and obtaining other necessary data
    Working with the client to produce marketing themes or slogans in preparation of advertising copy for use in paper or electronic publications

Working with engineers on technical subject matters to prepare written interpretations of engineering and design specifications and other information for a general readership



    Overseeing assistant editors and managing the daily operation of the news department, determining which stories are covered for a given subject and by whom

Preparing copy for printing, composing headlines, arranging page layouts of articles, photographs, and advertising, and reviewing and editing copy for accuracy, content, grammar, and style



    Gathering, examining, and interpreting information for assigned stories about local, state, national, and international newsworthy occurrences for presentation in print and electronic media

Reporting and writing within an established style and format on points of view on current issues and actions of individuals and groups of public interest



    Employing technical expertise and creativity to operate cameras and lighting equipment for taking photographs of people, places, products and other subjects
    Using silver-halide film and digital still cameras as well as lenses, filters, tripods, flash attachments, and specially constructed lighting equipment to capture images outdoors and indoors for transfer to a computer and transmission via the Internet

Applying processing software to crop or modify the scanned or digital image and enhance it through colour correction and other specialised effects for commercial publication in paper or electronic media


Graphic Pre-Press Design:


Generating images, text, layouts, and impositions for print and other visual media displays by operating computer screen-based equipment for scanning, colour separation, colour correction, masking, creative design, combining, imposing, retouching, and other processes


Advertising and Sales

    Conferring with clients to provide marketing or technical advice, and planning, organising, directing, and controlling advertising, sales, and marketing, coordinating activities of sales, graphic design, media, finance, and research

Working with customers to plan and produce advertising and promotional material, developing and inspecting layouts and advertising copy, editing promotional material for adherence to specifications, and preparing collateral materials, as well as identifying and developing contacts for promotional campaigns that meet identified buyer targets


Public Relations:

    Engaging in promoting or creating good will for individuals, groups, or organisations by writing or selecting favourable publicity material and releasing it through various communications media
    Studying the objectives, promotional policies and needs of organisations to plan, develop, implement, and evaluate public relations strategies that create an understanding or a favourable view or promote ideas, products and services
    Undertaking and commissioning public opinion research, analysing the findings, advising executives on the public relations implications of their policies, programs and practices, and planning public relations and promotional campaigns
    Preparing or editing publications for internal and external audiences, including employee newsletters and stockholders' reports, and coaching representatives in effective communication with the public and with employees.

Freelance Translation




Assignments Received and Submitted Electronically

Work area

Working written words into and from English, French, German, and Russian

Work focus

Reading text in its entirety to get an idea of length, writing style, and subject matter
  Identifying and looking up any unfamiliar words, using specialised dictionaries and glossaries (in paper format and on the Internet) as well as machine-assisted translation, including memory-tools
  Doing additional research on the subject matter if unclear about anything in the text

Consulting with the text's originator or issuing agency to clarify unclear or unfamiliar ideas, words, or acronyms

Work speciality

Literary Translation:

Converting scientific articles, news and journal articles, prose writing, and business letters from one language into another


Localisation Translation:


Adapting a product for use in a different language and culture


Translation Editing:


Revising work by novice or junior translators


Translation Mentoring:


Helping new translators build their skills, confidence, and a professional network.


Freelance Interpretation




On Location and By (Web-)Telephone

Work area

Working spoken words into and from English, French, and German

Work focus

Becoming familiar with the subject matter that the speakers will discuss

Researching to create a list of common words and phrases associated with the topic to be discussed

Work speciality

Conference Interpretation:

    Simultaneous interpreting at science or business conferences with foreign language speakers

Consecutive interpreting at science or business meetings with foreign language parties


Guide Interpretation:

    Consecutive interpreting on an informal basis and on a professional level with foreign visitors or visitors to a foreign country.





Order Picking and Processing

Work area

Processing orders by receiving, handling, and stacking or despatching goods

Work focus

Working indoors or outdoors, selecting goods, packaging, and sending out completed orders to customers

Work speciality

Order Processing Outdoors:
    Selecting produce for picking according to size and ripeness
    Discarding rotting and over-ripened produce

Loading picked produce into containers, taking care to avoid damage


Order Processing Indoors:

    Unloading vehicles, opening packages, and removing contents
    Checking for damage and for discrepancies between incoming goods and invoices
    Packing containers, bags or boxes with products, counting, weighing or measuring amounts and adjusting quantities
    Wrapping protective material around products manually or using packaging machinery
    Entering details of received delivery slips, requisitions and invoices into computers
    Obtaining details of the location and quantity of items in stock, using visual display units or computers.



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Valentin, J; OK Krueger 2009, 'Kampfkandidatur im Deutschen Klub in Adelaide. SAADV mit neuem Vor­stand',
Die Woche in Australien, no. 43, 20 October 2009, p. 11.

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Krueger, OK 2001, 'The Tivoli Ice Rink and Squash Courts Aachen, On a Walk round a Place of Sports, Leisure and Communication. Aachen, Klinkenberg. (100 p. ISBN 3-934318-25-8.)

Written in Ger­man. Trans­la­tion into English and French of the author's prologue and of the prefaces of various im­por­tant local and national figures of German pub­lic life, amongst others, the Ger­man Federal Min­is­ter for Health, Mrs. Ulla Schmidt.


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